IKON 5 Ways To Accessorize For Your Next Party

5 Ways to Accessorise for Your Next Party

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Got yourself a really cute, fashionable and elegant party dress? Yet, no idea how to accessorise yourself to create different styles? Follow this quick guide and get that extra show-stopping ‘pop’ look to your party dress.

1. Hair and Makeup

IKON | Hair and Makeup

Ponytails and knots create the perfect sophisticated party look and highlights the bold necklaces and earrings you are wearing. Go for a shimmering metallic hairband to highlight your large curls and create the ever so perfect ethereal look you want. Highlighting your hair in rich mahogany brown or chocolate brown is also a real cool way to dress up for holiday get-togethers. Go for smoky eyes and bright red lips. Polish your nails with a bright colour which suits your outfit.

2. Jewellery

IKON | JewelleryIKON | Jewellery

Bold statement necklaces with chunky stones and a cocktail ring are good for a dress with a simple neckline. Most women go for a pair of drop earrings embellished with diamonds and stones. You can also opt for a stacked ring and a bejewelled watch. Choose jewellery which help you compliment your outfit.

3. Belts and Sashes

IKON | Belts and Sashes

Go for a solid colour belt if your dress is made up with patterned fabric. Likewise, choose a belt with patterns if the dress is one solid colour. Belts and sashes with shimmering gold and silver colours add a sparkle look to your party outfit. A chain belt should be worn loosely around hips for a more flattering look.

4. Clutches

IKON | Clutches

Now, it’s time to find something to put everything in. You would need to take lipstick, a small makeup brush, a tiny mirror, wallet and your smartphone along with you to the party. Go for a clutch which fits everything and has an elegant look. Metallic and stone embedded clutches are the perfect choice if you are wearing a solid fabric. Maybe have fun choosing a clutch with a unique shape? Or go with the IKON Crystal Fringed Clutch featured above.

5. Shoes

IKON | Shoes

Well, well, well. A fabulous pair of ‘the’ right kind of shoes are what make your outfit perfect and elegant. Pumps embellished in rubies, sequins, lace and glitter or made in satin fabric are good for parties. You can also go for strappy sandals to compliment your outfit.

So ladies, create that glamorous look in your next party with these quick tips.

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