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Five New and Fashionable Ways to Wear Your Basic Tee

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T-shirts are fashion’s most comfiest clothing piece. Every girl owns that one basic tee she can’t let go off. But like we all know, a basic tee + skinny jeans combo can be a little boring everyday. And that is why, we here, at IKON, came up with five new stylish ways to wear a basic t-shirt. Switch up your basics to all new styles today with these amazing t-shirt outfits.

Bold Accessories

Basic Tee Necklace IKON

Wear your basic plain tee with a pair of jeans. It’s time to say goodbye to everyday blue jeans and opt for a classic pair of jeans in white. And dress up in bold and colourful jewellery. We love a beaded necklace in funky bold colours. Go for flats in funky blues and bold yellows.

2. Button Down Shirt

Button Down Shirt IKON

Layer up your plain white tee + classic blue denim combo with a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts add an adorable girl-next-door vibe to your outfit. Keep it sporty with a pair of sneakers.

3. T shirt + Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt Tee IKON

Who says tees are only for jeans and denims? Switch up your everyday look with a midi skirt with colourful embroidery. Mix and match neutrals with funky bold colours for a more fashionable look. A pair of platform heels would do wonders!

4. High School Vibes

Basic Tee Styles IKON

Currently obsessed with this combo of t-shirt + full skirt. Because, ladies, it’s that stylish. Chic, fashionable and oh-so-dreamy, this is teenage years in one cool outfit. If you’re going for a printed tee, keep it minimal. White tees and black skirts are companions and a classic denim jacket will give your outfit the perfect finishing touch. Carry a classic leather tote or a chic backpack!

5. Pop Up Colour Cardigans

Cardigan Tee IKON Cardigan Tee IKON

Swooning over this one hell of a standout outfit. Make a statement with a pop up colour cardigan this spring. Layering up never got this prettier, girlies! We love bold yellows and punchy reds. Mix and match your layers with a loud pair of shoes. Animal prints are the new trend this season!

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  1. Nikini February 21, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Do you have cardigans?

    1. IKON February 21, 2017 at 2:24 pm

      Hi there, sorry we don’t have any cardigans at the moment. We do have this cute sweater if that interests you? –

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