10 Things to Pack for Your Next Weekend Getaway

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Weekend getaways are fun. But what’s not fun is, when you have big luggage that cannot be carried around. It’s because either you don’t know how to pack or you’ve over-packed. Here’s a quick look at what you should pack for your next mini trip.

1. Garments
Remember it’s two nights you are staying, not fifteen. Pack lightly. Take a set of PJ’s with you, two or three tees, one chic-looking pair of jeans and a cute day dress. If you are heading to the beach, play around with flowy sundresses.

2. Footwear
A pair of flip-flops. Because they are always helpful. And a pair of running shoes if you are going for an adventure. Also go for a cute wedge for a girls’ night out.


3. Accessories
One chain with a heavy metal pendant is pretty much all you want. If you like hand wear, choose yourself some stone beaded jewelry. Wear your watch and get yourself a nice shaggy hat.

4. A Toiletry Bag
Get a separate bag and put all your toiletries in it. Shampoo and conditioner are a must. Body wash. A loofah. Face wash. A skin toner. Hand sanitizer. You know those, right?

5. Cosmetics
Get a SPF 60+ sunblock. You don’t want those deep suntans, do you? A moisturizer. Night cream. Under-eye cream. A deodorant and a perfume. Keep all of them with you.


6. Make-Up Bag
Your favourite lipstick and a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and fresh. An eyeliner if you really need it. Oh, say hi to a cute little mirror, too, when you pack.

7. Gadgets
Your smartphone. A camera. Power backup. Chargers. Laptop. A kindle if you love to read when you travel.

8. Books
Take the next book on your to-read list along with you. You will enjoy it the most. Get a magazine or two if you aren’t a book lover.

9. Food
Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. Pack healthy snacks. Pack apples, oranges, grapes and whatnot. Pack more of those. Take fruit juices and some soft drinks with you. Bring water. Stay hydrated, always.

10. Miscellaneous
Take a small notebook and a pen with you to note down the important things. Always have your travel mug in your hands.

So lovelies, these are the top essentials. Wrap up a floral shawl around you and you are good to go.


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