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In what the Daily Mail (UK) termed a hilarious green screen fashion fail happened very recently when the white dress worn by a meteorologist began reflecting the countries and temperatures from the map behind her, while she was on air.

The situation that subjected that hapless woman to worldwide ridicule could just as easily happen to us, if we don’t think carefully about fashion appropriateness.

There are no hard and fast rules for today’s laid-back fashions, but some basic hints could serve as rough guidelines on what to wear, and when. It all boils down to the time of day, and the type of occasion.

First, the time of day. Are you dressing for a morning, afternoon or evening out? Morning must have subtle colours, pastel shades, muted accessories, as must the afternoon, but you can splash out in all your glamour and glitter for a night out on the town.

Most formal invitations have a dress code. Stick to that, or ask around if you’re not sure. If you know the host well, you could call them to double-check.

You must also consider the occasion. Even if it is that beautiful pant suit or dress that you were absolutely dying to show off, is it really appropriate to wear to office if it is in brightly coloured silk, or in see-through lace? Office attire must look professional (no frills and flounces), relatively demure (no micro miniskirts and see-through blouses, whatever your age), keep you comfortable throughout a long day, and most importantly, be job appropriate. Do you spend hours bending over reports, charts etc. with your colleagues? If so, that sexy low-cut blouse may not be right. Or does your work involve lots of running around? Then will those high heels take you comfortably and safely? In rainy weather, will your chic new outfit turn transparent when wet if you need to make a mad dash somewhere?

You’ll feel rather silly if you turn up in a sequined outfit for an informal morning with friends, when everybody else is in jeans and t-shirts, or in shorts and tees for dinner at a posh restaurant.

Just taking a few minutes to think about the occasion, the venue, and the time of day to determine what you wear, will turn heads in your direction for all the right reasons.

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