Five Amazing Office Outfit Ideas

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Are you late to work almost every day of the week? Do you always, always and always think what you wear to work is utmost rubbish although it brings out the best in you to everyone else? Then, this is for you. Get some inspiration from our work outfit ideas and stay stress free the whole week.

1. Go for the classic look with slacks and a shirt on Monday

Wear slacks and your favourite ‘office’ shirt on Monday. No rules, ladies. Choose your shirt in any design you want. Floral, stripped, plain red and whatnot. Go for a leather handbag and wear ballerina shoes – mostly in black. Dress yourself up in a fair of silver hoop earrings. Make Monday the best of all.

Tip: DO NOT go through ‘Monday-is-the-worst-I’d-probably-die’ memes on Facebook and Instagram. (No, we are not kidding).

2. Dress up in a shirt-dress on Tuesday

Shirt-dresses are business-formal and they could do wonders with the right type of accessories. A shirtdress in plain bright colours would bring the best out of you. Wear a nice pair of pumps to work and style up yourself in a pair of pearl pierced earrings.

3. Go for the business-formal look on Wednesday

Yes, you could absolutely wear jeans to work. Wear a silk blouse or a men-shirt to get the feminine look. Go for high heels and a leather clutch. Get yourself a tailored cardigan or a classic blazer. Stay ever so professional on busy Wednesdays with a pair of sunglasses (specially in this weather).

Tip: A pair of flat formal sneakers are cosier than pumps.

4. Say “Hi” to a pencil skirt on Thursday

Turn to a pencil skirt that fits into your figure ever so perfectly. Show your feminine side with pastel colours. Wear a pair of fish hooks earrings. And if you really, really fancy, go for a classic necklace with a big metal pendant.

5. Get the chic look on Friday

It’s TGIF. Finally, Friday! Dress yourself up in a body-con dress to get the ‘I-have-a-party-at-night’ outfit. Wrap up a cardigan to be a bit formal for work. Carry a big leather clutch or a massive bag. A statement necklace and a pair of chandelier earrings are perfect for a Friday. If Blair Waldorf could, so can you?

Have fun playing with different outfits and build up your own office styles by heading over to our Office Wear Collection at IKON.LK

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