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How to Dress Up for Uni

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Assignments, projects, health issues, mental issues, relationships. Things that matter in uni, right? Sure, your outfit won’t be the world’s major problem but one of those days, it might (when we say ‘might’ it means absolutely ridiculously yes) matter. Remember ladies, your outfit says a lot more of you, about you, before you even say “good morning” to a senior.

If you are ever so comfortable and confident with the floral dress that hugs you ever so perfectly, you will end up feeling confident in uni, too. University is where you can reinvent yourself. No one knows about wearing your fathers’ slippers to your best friend’s birthday party in fifth grade. No one bothers. Do you want to be the girl with the green scarf? Then be her.

So let’s see some of the fashionable and comfy outfits for uni which will help for a ‘confident you’.

1). Trousers and Sneakers


Go for a pair of skinny jeans in dark blue or black. Style yourself up in a pair of classic sneakers or trainers and a plain tee for a fashionable and comfy look.

2). Buttoned Down Shirt with Skinny Jeans

Buttoned Down Shirt with Skinny JeansUntitled

Don’t worry. This outfit wouldn’t make you look like a thirty year old working lady. A loose buttoned down shirt is a stylish and a chic way to dress up for uni. Dress up in your favourite pair of skinny jeans for a chic look. Choose a pair of leather flats and a classic leather cross-body bag. You are good to go.

3). Maxi Skirt with A Pair of Sandals

Maxi Skirt with A Pair of Sandalsmaxi

Gone are the days people thought maxi skirts were only for old aunties. Maxi skirts are really comfortable in steaming hot weather. They are simple yet elegant. Dress up in a maxi skirt and pair it with a white top or tee. Go for a pair of really cute sandals and a leather bag. Time to reinvent your princess days in uni, girls!

04). Silhouette Dress

swingy flare silhouette dressfrock

Bringing back the vintage looks, you can style yourself up in a swingy flare silhouette dress and opt for a pair of flats. Oh, and, don’t forget to wear a cute bohemian bag, too.

05). Flannel shirt


Flannel shirts are simple. Elegant and classy. Wear it along with jeans and you can go for sandals, leather flats and even sneakers depending on the occasion. Pair it up with a backpack or a leather handbag.

So who do you want to be in Uni? Emily Fields? Spencer Hastings? Or all of Pretty Little Liars? Play around with your wardrobe and have fun, ladies.

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