How to Stay Cool in This Hot Weather

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Five minutes out in the sun and it’s hot and sticky than it ever was. While scientists and meteorologists find solutions to global warming, you might need to find out how to stay comfortable (and fashionable – never forget fashion) in this heat. Here’s how.

1.    Shorts and cotton tees
Remember, shorts are the best option for hot weather. Wear a plain white tee to stay fashionable. A pair of flat sneakers or comfy sneakers would add a cute look to your whole outfit.

2.    Short pleated skirts
Go for a floral skirt or a stripped one. You can create a chic look with a plain red skirt and a cotton shirt in white.

3.    Bohemian pants
Those bohemian style pants are so popular than they ever were. They are comfortable than jeans in every way. Dress up in a tee with a round neckline to get the relaxed look.

4.    Panel skirts
Panel skirts in bohemian prints and floral prints are a good option in the heat. You could wear a big belt to create a more fashionable look. Get yourself a cotton shirt to look more fabulous.

5.    Maxi dresses
Not only they are comfortable but also they would bring out the princess look in you. Floral maxi dresses are absolutely flattering in this hot weather. Wear a pair of leather sandals to stay cool. Hook earrings and a chunky necklace are a nice combo with a maxi dress.

6.    Mini dresses and tea-length dresses
A flowing floral dress above your knee length or bellow your knee length is absolutely a must-have in this hot weather. You can style yourself up in a pair of comfy flats to stay chilled.

7.    Rompers
Rompers are back with a bang. Go for a romper with a plain bright colour or choose your favourite floral romper to stay ever so cute.

Dressing up during the dog days of April is a big task. But if you know how, you could still be fashionable, cute and stylish while being comfortable enough. So ladies, which summer outfit are you planning to try on?

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