IKON Office Wear Fashion Trends to hit big in 2016

Office Wear Fashion Trends to Hit Big in 2016

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What exactly is fashion, “a globally driven expression to bring the best persona in you, to create that unique combination of colour and design, bringing an enhanced glamour to sharpen and highlight you in the middle of a gathering”? Don’t you think this is the exact meaning behind that beautiful picture you are trying to create? Thus, what fashion trends for 2016 will be the best to bring out the unique you?

So, ladies let’s talk about the office wear fashions for 2016 that you could blend to bring that perfect professional touch with the strong personality you possess.

IKON Sleek work wear pantIKON Pencil skirt

When speaking of work wear, I am sure you would be with me when I say the attire needs to be neat, classy and comfortable. After all you and I live in a country where the climate is extremely unpredictable and mostly the sunny days dominate the rainy days. Therefore what do you see on demand these days? Well, I see the sleek work wear pant and the pencil skirt to be of high demand. And along with this, tops from sleeveless and long sleeved gives a good combination for a perfect office outfit.

IKON lace material BlouseIKON lace material Blouse

Today I see the lace material to be of high use for office attires; well I am sure you are a sound fan of good rich lace appearing on your office attire. And along this side tops with high neck and pleated high neck tops are and will add more glamour for year 2016.

IKON pleated high neck tops

What more fashions on office wear could be a turnaround for year 2016?

IKON thin stripes on trousers

I strongly believe thin stripes on trousers will come back into fashion again as we saw it couples of years back. I am sure you will agree with me on this, since we see tops with stripes back in the market. Moreover don’t you think the market for plan cotton shirts in light dainty colours could overtake the demand for floral office shirts? Well, I believe so, since the market for floral office tops is quite mature now. Going into further detail, I was able to scan through numerous sources for new fashion for office wear. And there happens to be a prediction from sound designers that the checkered tops will add to the new fashions for office outfits checklist for this year. Did you ladies notice that most of all office attires for 2016 are coming from expired trends we saw few years back? And let me also state you this, do you remember the wide trouser? Yes, it could also turn around in the fashion for office attires this year.

IKON wide trouser

So ladies, are you with me, are you ready to bridge the work wear fashions for 2016 and to give a punch to your work personality along with that impressive look? Shop IKON’s latest office wear collection and make the best of 2016’s office wear styles!


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