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Start the Aluth Avurudu season with an out-of-the-box shopping experience this year. Get carefully selected gifts that make you everybody’s favourite gift-giver. Don’t check out just the Colombo stores, take a spin through major clothing stores in key suburbs. They yield a fascinating array of gifts for family and friends of all ages and tastes, and could give you bargains that look like a million dollars!

Fashion items are personal and highly individualistic, and say a lot about how much time and trouble you’ve taken to observe what the wearer likes and dislikes. Bling meets the bill. If you’re not too sure where to begin, it’s safe to start with jewellery. Most young and not-so-young fashionistas want to look trendy, and jewellery is versatile. Check eye-catching accessories, from dainty earrings to trendy bracelets and chunky necklaces that match any outfit. Buy a complete set in a favourite colour, or make up your own set from the wide range available.

You could also mix ‘n match outfits. Stores have a range of trendy denims – trousers, skirts, three-quarters to choose from, which will suit the tastes of women of any age. For a nice touch, throw in a contrasting blouse or t-shirt in cotton or a light synthetic fabric that will be cool and comfortable during those scorching mornings. There are many types of skirts and blouses available, either brilliantly patterned or in soft pastel shades, which cater to diverse tastes.

Or if it’s Bollywood fashion your loved one is after, how about an elegant saree or shalwar for that special occasion? Choose from cool cottons and synthetics in beautiful shades and patterns either printed, sequined or embroidered. Adding some matching jewellery will be a thoughtful gesture your loved one will appreciate.

If you still hesitate to buy clothes and jewellery, you can’t do better than buy her a stylish handbag. Neutral colours work best, so she could team with a range of outfits. Any woman will appreciate a well-designed handbag in black, brown or beige. Handbags available range from elegant envelope bags for the evening, to large trendy bags for daytime wear that hold the many items women don’t leave home without!

Whether it is a simple gift or a luxury item, what matters in the giving is the love and emotions it evokes. Remember, your choice in gifts reflects your taste, or lack of it, so go for it!

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