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10 Jewellery Items Every Woman Must Own

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One of the best things about being a girl is endless jewellery. But that doesn’t mean you need to shop for each and every piece of jewellery you see and go empty-wallet in two days after your pay check. We at IKON, wrapped up a list of ten amazing jewellery items every woman should own. Let’s have a look, lovelies!

1. A classic watch

Watch Jewellery IKON

While it’s essential to own a girly watch with a gold strap and funky colours, invest in a watch that looks a little manly. Go for a watch with a bigger face and classic leather or metallic strap!

2. Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs Jewellery IKON

From formal get togethers to fancy weddings, studs are every girl’s must-haves. While pin dots do wonders in office and formal gatherings, large headlights are showstoppers in every evening function.

3. Gold Chain

Gold Chain Jewellery IKON

Yes, that go-with-every-outfit piece of jewellery. Gold necklaces are effortlessly elegant and if you need a boho vibe, go for a multi-layered necklace.

4. A Pair of Hoops

Hoop Earrings Jewellery IKON

No girl says no to earrings. That, too, a pair of classic hoops. Hoops are best worn when your hair is combed back and pulled off the face. A classic gold pair of hoops can add the right amount of interest to your party attire.

5. Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet Jewellery IKON

Cuff bracelets never go out of style. Funky colours are perfect for casual dresses while bold cuffs in gold or silver add a feminine touch to evening wear. For a fashionable ultra-chic style, wear your cuff bracelets in stack.

6. A Ring (For Your Right Hand)

Ring Jewellery IKON

Your left hand is pretty much reserved for your big day ring. Choose your right hand as your fashion playground. Go for an oversized, colourful one to suit your personality type.

7. Locket

Locket Jewellery IKON

For those who love funky and fashion in one outfit, lockets are your one true companion. Go for something vintage-ish and team up with your funky printed tee and favourite pair of denim jeans.

8. A Strand of Pearls

Pearl Necklace IKON

A strand of pearls in pure white can make you look extremely sophisticated and elegant. Need a bestie for that little black dress? You’ve got one, now!

9. Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Necklace IKON

A turquoise necklace makes your simple white tee looks ten times cooler. It can turn you into a boho hipster in ten seconds. We are obsessed with big chunky pieces but if you’re island-hoppin’ anytime soon, spend on tropical or earthy patterns.

10. Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet IKON

A single row of diamonds or your favourite stones worn on the wrist, tennis bracelets add a touch of sparkle to your outfit.

Add metals and colours to your jewellery box which can transform your casual tees, floral dresses and evening wear into classic designer wear. Sparkle a little brighter this 2017!

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