IKON How to Make the Best Impression at a Job Interview

How to Make the Best Impression at a Job Interview

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No matter how many job interviews we’ve gone to, they are always pretty stressful. Despite your skills, education and experience playing a vital role in the interviewing process in Sri Lanka, how you’re dressed up for the day also helps in deciding the final outcome of your interview – are you selected? Or are you not? Remember, your style builds the first impression. And ladies, a first impression is the best impression.  

Here’s our mini guide on how to dress for success!

1. Business Professional Interviews

IKON Business Professional Outfit

Okay, let’s face it. Your interviewer in the corporate world won’t be interested in your fashion sense at all. Dress in an outfit that shows your personality and professionalism. And when it comes to anything formal, black never goes wrong. Look for a pair of black or navy blue pants, or a pencil skirt which is not above your knee length. Match it up with a plain button-down shirt and invest in a good quality blazer. Complete your outfit with a classic pair of closed-toe pumps in black or nude colours and with a touch of red lipstick!

2. Business Casual Interviews

IKON Business Casual Attire

Casual doesn’t mean you can wear your everyday tee to your interview. Your workplace still demands a professional wardrobe. Style yourself up in a classic sweater and a pair of skinny slacks. Shoe wear should be closed toe flats either in black or nude. Carry all your essentials in a leather satchel and complete your look with a classic watch!

3. Creative Workplace

IKON Creative Office Attire

Here’s where you get to be pretty creative with your attire and let your personality shine through your interview outfit. But hey, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to dress up in something totally wild or trendy. Well, we meant, you are allowed but say bye-bye to your dream job. Go for a classic dress either monochromatic or simply-stripped, and opt for a bright coloured structured tote to make the whole look pop. Complete your attire with a pair of bright red pumps or a statement necklace to showcase your style.

Remember ladies, whatever it is, make sure you are comfortable, confident and beautiful in your outfit. We hope you rock your next interview!

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