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Making the Best Choice on Your Next Party Dress

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Deciding what kind of dresses that would match you is certainly a daunting mission and I am sure you would have had bad experiences as much as I have had. How many times have you walked in and out of a fit-on room, how many dresses would you have tried on before making a purchase for a single occasion? So, ladies let me assist you in overcoming this great hassle to a certain extent. Why don’t you watch youself through a mirror and try to figure out YOU, from the 5 tips I am just about to lay out when making the best choice on your next party dress?

1. The Occasion

IKON | Choosing a Party Dress - Cocktail DressIKON | Choosing a Party Dress - Cocktail Dress

Understanding the nature of the occasion is the most important first step. Today you and I see numerous amounts of dresses and styles in the market, and it has also become a very demanding piece of art. So, to keep it simple for functions of high formality go for dresses with floor length, for casual party’s dresses of for knee length and for cocktail nights it could be a combination of formal and casual length dress.

2. Colour & Fabric

IKON | Cotton Casual DressIKON | Satin Cocktail Dress

Precisely dark and hard colours are traditionally recommended for evening-wear, while prints and monochrome fashions are meant for the casual part of you. Thus formal wear could take both dark and light colours depending on the event. Moving on to fabric, as we all known cotton is a very comfortable wear meant for casual dressing. Hence for any form of formal or cocktail wear you could look into anything from silk, satin or any synthetic materials, to give you the glittery touch.

3. Skin Tone

IKON | Choosing a Party Dress - Skin Tone

Not all colors will give you the enhanced personality you are looking for to give that posture for the event you are opting to step into. Therefore if you have a clear nice yellowish skin you could try both dark and light shades. But if you have a darker skin tone, dark colors will give you a good combination.

4. Body Shape

IKON | Choosing a Party Dress - Body Shape

Determining your body shape is a crucial factor when looking for the best dress to fit you in. Identifying your body shape will help in choosing a dress to highlight the parts of your body you need to show off and also hide the rest. Pear, wedge, rectangular, apple and hourglass are the few traditional body shapes from which you need to locate what yours is.


IKON | Choosing a Party Dress - Cost

Having a clear budget is important when making your choice; this helps to save the time spent on shopping at stores that far exceeds your budget, while being able to purchase a decent outcome for the cost you could bear.


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