IKON Holiday Friendly Hairstyles

Top Five Holiday Friendly Hairstyles

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So ladies, you’ve got no time to style your hair for long hours when you’re on the road. Travel life cuts your extra time. When you don’t have much time to wash your hair, it’s healthy and easy-peasy to opt for a minimalist, humidity-proof hairstyle. Have a look at these five holiday-friendly hairstyles to stay comfy while keeping your hair looking flawless as ever.

1. Low, Side Ponytails

IKON | Low Side PonytailIKON | Low Side Ponytail

Did you just quit your job and board the plane to Europe after a very tedious visa process? Or did you just take a week out of your boring work life and head to A’bay for some beach vibes? The last thing you now want is a fussy hair which seeks too much attention. If you’ve got very little time to treat your hair, wear a low-side ponytail and dress up yourself in a maxi dress to suit your hairstyle.

2. Style It Up With a Beret

IKON | Style It Up With A Beret-HairstyleIKON | Style It Up With A Beret-Hairstyle

Are you wandering around the streets of Nuwara Eliya while it’s 35 degrees elsewhere? Tousled hair looks extremely cute and you can style it up with a black or navy blue beret for a more chic look. Flannel shirts and scarves do wonders with berets and are perfect for chilly climates.

3. Fishtail braid

IKON Fishtail Braid HairstyleIKON Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Bored of the everyday ponytail? Opt for a big gorgeous fishtail. Fishtails help you keep your hair in one place and protect your hair from getting tangled due to dust and humid. Perfect option if you are traveling long distances.

4. Knot

IKON | Top Knot HairIKON | Top Knot Hairstyle

Twist up all your hair into one bun and secure on top your head. Top-knots are easy, time-saving and one of the trendiest looks around. Wear it along with your favourite maxi dress or style yourself up in a romper or playsuit.

5. Messy High Pony Tail

IKON | Messy High PonytailIKON | Messy High Ponytail

Messy ponytails are super comfortable when you’re on the go and still add a very stylish look to your outfit. High ponytails work better with long hair but can be worn even with shorter hair as well. Scrunch your ponytail for a messier look and don’t forget to gently brush your hair before bed.

Do you have a hairstyle in your mind which suits the busy travel lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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