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Style Inspo: Five Television Icons to Look for Fashion Inspiration

November 04, 2017 - Posted in: IKON Latest - tags:

So many clothes. So many deals. But let’s be honest, girlies. We still look into our closet every morning and be like: I’ve got nothing to wear. NOTHING! We get you, totally! So here’s why, we listed down our top five television icons to look for that much-need style inspo. In other words, television, sometimes actually do help.

1. Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) from Pretty Little Liars

Aria PLL Fashion Style Inspo Aria

Tiny but cute-cute-cute, we love Aria’s high school looks and her daily life casual-wear outfits. A mini dress in super cute prints (like, florals), paired with a tiny belt and layered with a classic denim jacket, you’ve got your everyday style inspo here. A bit of glam? Get those slouchy booties.

2. Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) from Gossip Girl

Serena Style Inspo Gossip Girl Fashion Style Fashion Gossip Girl

We love Serena’s high-fashion themed profile. Her business-casual wear is on point and the vintage-inspired party outfits got us swooning over elegant lace details. Add her sophisticated designs and accessories (see: a sequin embellished crossbody bag) to your style-inspo lookbook.

3. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) from Gossip Girl

Style Inspo Gossip Girl Fashion Outfit Gossip Girl

There’s no one better to look out for style inspo like Blair, Serena’s BFF in Gossip Girl. Day-outin’ or brunchin’ this weekend with your best friend? This pair has got some super cute outfit inspiration for you girly-girls.

4. Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) from Modern Family

Style Inspo Dress  Bodycon Dress Outfit TV Show Fashion

We love how Gloria accents her drool-worthy figure with bodycon dresses and figure-flattering pieces. With a pair of stilettos, and giving every girl the desire to be the power-queen, we are crushing over Gloria’s costume choices in the show.

5. Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) from Pretty Little Liars

Emily-PLL-Fashion Style Dress Outfit

A perfect style inspo icon, this Pretty Little Liar star is for all you tomboys and sports-loving girls. While classic tees, over-sized boxy-fits and sneakers are Emily’s everyday style, her layering game is on point with super cozy flannel shirts and leather jackets. Her occasional node back to girly-girl fashion is super cute and hey, tomboys can be sexy, too.

Who is your favourite television fashion icon? Do you like dressy or a bit of tomboy with an easy-to-toss-on tee and classic pair of denim jeans? Chunky jewellery, classic sneakers or cute backpacks (or even high-fashion themed leather handbag)? Tell us abut your fashion style and your favourite TV shows.

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