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Here’s Why Cut-Out Shoulder Tops Are Now Trending

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Cut-out shoulder tops. Off-the-shoulder tops, in another name, are absolutely trendy these days. The accompaniment from the ‘90s has popped up again with a more feminine look. Cut-out shoulder tops make the perfect, work-to-date-night outfit and are absolutely versatile.

Whether you match it up with a pair of flare jeans or a knee-length skirt, cut-out shoulder tops add an effortless elegance to your everyday look.

IKON | Cut Out Shoulder TopIKON Cut Out Shoulder Top

Cold shoulder tops aka cut-outs are a great way to show a little skin if you’re not ready to flaunt all of your arms. Style yourself in a cut-out shoulder top and team it up with a pair of skinny jeans. Beige and nude colours are a great companion for a girls’ day out.

IKON | Cold Shoulder Tops Aka CutoutsIKON Cold Shoulder Tops Aka Cutouts

If you’re not so ready to go totally cold shoulder, embrace the ’90s style and go for a one-shoulder look. Look for a comfortable strapless bra if you style yourself in a one-shoulder top.


Shrug off your sleeves and go totally off-the-shoulder with a head-start to your day. Off-the-shoulder tops are never too revealing. In fact, they add a subtle sexy look to your outfit with a less grungy, more feminine touch.

Effortlessly elegant, off-the-shoulder tops make a great formal party-top too. Here’s Emma Watson in an elegant off-the-shoulder top for the Britannia Awards.

IKON | Off The Shoulder Top

Go totally gingham and stand out from the crowd with a cut-out shoulder top! Yes, they make pretty good statement tops, too.

IKON | Gingham Cutout Shoulder TopIKON | Gingham Cutout Shoulder Top

Off-the-shoulder silhouettes and cut-outs, paired with the right kind of jeans easily work as all-day outfits. You can go totally black without even looking boring. Have a look at how Kendall Jenner styles herself in all black.

IKON | Kendall Jenner Off Shoulder TopIKON | Kendall Jenner Off Shoulder Top

When off-the-shoulders and cut-outs came to the limelight, they were, and still are meant for strolling down the streets in quite evenings – going casual. Knitted tops and white lace are good for a romantic date or an evening walk by the beach.

IKON | Knitted Tops White Lace

In a nutshell, cut-outs and off-the-shoulder tops are not just a trend, they are wardrobe essentials! Go grab yourself this fiery cut-out lace top, or browse our full range of cut-out shoulder tops from IKON!    

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