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Why Every Girl Should Own a Romper or Jumpsuit

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So hello lovelies. Let us all talk about two of the greatest clothing pieces the mankind has ever invented. The jumpsuit, and the romper, aka the cute little sister of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits and rompers are extremely trendy these days. If you’ve already started a rapidly-growing, fabulously-fashionable jumpsuit and a romper collection, yay to you. If you’ve not, here’s why you should!

IKON Tie Up JumpsuitIKON Floral Romper

1. They SAVE your time! Yes, absolutely true. If you are stuck on a Monday morning with only 20 minutes before office, put on your favourite formal jumpsuit and pair it up with a classic leather belt and a blazer. You are good to go, girly!

2. They are both vintage-ish and extremely modern. Bell-bottom silhouettes can take you to the ‘40s and a cute floral romper can make you a hipster millennial in 2016.

3. Jumpsuits and rompers are extremely versatile. Not only they are a classic office attire but when paired up with heels and statement jewellery, they are fashionable and chic-looking party attires, too.

IKON Party Jumpsuits

4. They come in all fabrics! Yes, that’s true. A cotton floral romper for hot sticky days and opt for a onesie embedded with stones and sequins for a night out in the town.

5. Sizes. Sizes. Sizes. No matter what, there is always a jumpsuit or a romper to compliment your body shape. From sleeveless to long sleeves and v-neck to buttoned-down, the options are endless.

IKON Jumpsuit Plus SizeIKON Playsuits Plus Size

6. They are the perfect onesie. Aka the perfect, most stylish one piece. Not only they are easy to wear and the most comfortable ones, they are easy to pack when you are escaping to the beautiful hill country in Sri Lanka or a sun drenched beach in the other corner of the island.

IKON Stylish Rompers

7. Be the coolest. A cute little romper paired with a boho bag will make you look cooler than the rest. Yep, an off-duty celeb you are.

8. I’m a girl and I can climb that fence, too. Yes, you can. Girls can do everything. A jumpsuit or a romper is the perfect and the most stylish mix of boyish or feminine.

IKON JumpsuitIKON Romper

So what are you still waiting for? IKON has a range of stylish rompers and jumpsuits to choose from. Go and grab your piece before they are gone. Because once they are gone, they are gone!

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